(My guilty pleasure – happy hour 241 COCKTAILS- in Northern Quarter, Manchester with my law friends)

Therefore, I have now been trying to be more healthier at university and have attempted to adapt to a vegan lifestyle, not for the fact I do not wish to harm animals but for the health benefits! However, I will not lie I am finding it very hard, as literally almost every food contains milk or protein or some form of animal produce! I thought I would find it rather easy as previously being a veggie but I guess I’ve just grown to love chicken and a cheesecake 😦 Also protein such as meat and fish have rinsed my bank account since starting uni and alternatives such a quorn or meat substitutes appear a lot cheaper!

Since, attempting this lifestyle I have felt so much healthier, I have more energy and have managed to hand in all my work 3 days before my deadline!!

I also much prefer to walk to university than catch public transport, as although it’s really quite chilly up north at this time of year I think it’s nice to get some fresh air, and also even though the sun isn’t shining the autumn/winter season can be really pretty!

(Pretty autumn/winter scenery in Manchester)

This is some of my more healthier journey so far …

(Falafel salad, Tesco pre-made quinoa dish, University vegan option sand-which with green tea, Tesco Mexican chilli bean soup)

It’s quite difficult eating this way especially

on a student budget so I have tried to avoid investing in the “free-from” options that supermarkets such as Tesco supply because I find it rather expensive to buy vegan friendly cookies and cakes.Looking back although on pictures I look good and slim I wasn’t healthy or happy.

This is probably the same case with any student starting university, and that is that staying healthy is HARD.[To Skincare On This Crush New Spring]

The large consumptions of alcohol, the deadline cramming..where you find yourself snacking at late hours in the night, the greasy takeaway you consume unconsciously after a night out, and of course the lingering student budget you have to stick to, which usually means the cheaper but less nutritious meals, and snacks that are available in our supermarkets.

I have always been very insecure about my weight, body and overall appearance so I’ve adapted to eating healthy through my life, and was also previously a vegetarian for 8 years so I do love abit of fruit, veg and trying all sorts of different food!

I this case I have tried many dieting methods, some although effect in the short term were not so healthy for example in secondary school I literally restricted myself to eating 300 calories a day sometimes I realised when scamming over my “My Fitness Pal” food diary I updated everyday through year 9 and 10.[This Over Enough 350K SEA Msian Helped Students Werent Donations Even NPO When]

.I would much rather buy fruit cheap from Lidl or Aldi and use that for snaking, rather than eating up loads of calories in vegan brownies.

Remember, “nothing looks as good as healthy feels” .[Our Is Collection Jungalow Travel Here]

So this blog post will be all about how to possibly consider a more healthy lifestyle while at university and why it’s important.

Since then I have realised that strict dieting isn’t always good for you mentally and doesn’t give you the right energy.However, Tesco does offer some cheap options such as chickpeas or beans in a tin for around 49p, falafel balls for only £1.50 (a pack 8) which I have found taste great cut up for salads, or just to eat on there own if your feeling a little peckish.One diet I have tried which I do find effective, and still offers a variety of balanced nutrients is ‘the chemical diet’ this diet consists heavily on eating only fruit and veg particularly grapefruit because it boosts your metabolism, and helps you burn fat faster! The diet also consists of a large amount of protein such a eggs,chicken and fish, and a small amount of bread for carbohydrates so I don’t consider this diet bad for you in anyway! It also proved very effective for me personally I found myself loosing up to 6 pounds a week!

Here are some images of the meals I consumed during the diet when I tried the chemical diet which I stored on the app “YouFood”, an app where people share their different diets and recipes!

(The Chemical Diet)

(The Chemical Diet)

However, anyone who knows me also knows that I love a drink, my favourite being a G&T and I’m a sucker for cocktails, and a Nando’s and the odd binge eating when I’m feeling low.They also supply a great range of fresh soups such a the ‘mexican chilli bean’ soup which I have been loving! It tastes just like chilli con carne which is one of my favourite dishes, and I think soup is a necessity at this time of year when it’s cold, and you want a good hearty soup to warm you up! I also tried quinoa for the first time from Tesco and I loved it! As a pre made meal for £2, but you can also get it in a packet to cook for less than £1!! Another healthy eating tip I find is that if you visit supermarkets later on in the evening or towards the end of the week, they often place a lot of items in the reduced section if they are going out of date such a veg and fruit or pre-made healthy meals you can make on the same night, especially if you’ve just got in from uni and you are starving! Tesco also do a selection of healthy or vegan meal deal options, and with their meal deals being £3 for a main option, a drink and a snack I think that’s fairly reasonable especially if you are going to buy one for your day at university or for studying!

It is so important to stay healthy and feel good about yourself! It makes you more productive and I find when I don’t eat healthy I feel sluggish, and feel depressed.[Lot Like You Don8217t A To Wearing Makeup Products If Of Love]

Healthy student? On a budget.

Since September it really dawned on me how unhealthy I had been eating, I had also been attending the gym almost everyday throughout the summer, and as a lover of fruit, veg and healthy food in general .I realised that University life has been draining me mentally and physically.[S8217pore Rebates Gojek Scheme Of Protection Fuel 80Day Launch Driver Benefits To Earnings]
Source: https://ollylucyrogers.wordpress.com/2017/11/22/remember-looking-good-is-as-good-as-healthy-feels/

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