I thought back to one of my favorite Buddha analogies, wherein he references the “Monkey Mind” to describe the restless, agitated state we tend to find our minds in.

Quick spoiler alert… It wasn’t.[New At With Whealon Timothy In Home City York]

… Yeeeeeep.You never know when it could change your trajectory entirely.<

File under: Multi-tasking on an African Safari

Over a long weekend last month (while living in Cape Town, a group of us flew to Johannesburg and trekked out to Kruger National Park for a four-day African safari.[Orchid NYBG 2019 Dinner]

In other words, the places we let our thoughts wander (race?) through instead of simply being present. 

“Just as a monkey swinging through the trees grabs one branch and lets go to seize another; so, too, goes the mind.Who else?

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Scientists have estimated that the average person processes around 70,000 thoughts per day — per fucking day!

For me — or for many of us, I imagine — lots of the thoughts we swing through are repetitious, hypothetical and based on hopes or fears and all of life’s daily stressors.Further and further — higher and higher.”

The analogy refers to how we “swing” through various thoughts, rarely resting on one or in the present moment.

Don’t get me wrong — every damn day I wake up in disbelieve that I’m living in freakin’ Africa, but; you know… Just being honest. 

We had two safari “game drives” planned for the same time each day — seven of ‘em total — hence the potential monotony.[Cathy Setting Table The Graham With]

So next time you find yourself racing through the metaphorical jungle, remember to stop, find a perch and enjoy the view — if only for a moment.

It was amazing (and I learned so much about wildlife and conversation efforts, which you can read in this post) — but I won’t lie, I was worried that four days in a row of doing the same thing would get monotonous.[Quinoa Chicken Soup Lemon]

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.Like, things that either haven’t happened or might not even happen.Such a waste of energy, right?

The art of taming the monkey mind is no easy feat — but I can tell you from experience, there’s a lot of peace, wisdom and compassion to be had in learning to do so.
Source: https://amongotherthings.com/2019/02/taming-the-monkey-mind/

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