Whitney’s son, West, and fur-babe perched atop our  Hamsa Quilt Set in Natural.

What we dig most about Whitney’s style is her signature cozy vibes that always feel inviting, relaxing, soothing, and of course, very, very plantastic! Get a feel for what she gravitates toward and check out her curated collection in the shop.Verde Pillow by Justina Blakeney® | “The Verde pillow is the perfect icing on top for incorporating a natural look & feel into your home.”

Lovin’ the laid-back Venice feel of this epic Earthy Bohemian? Follow along with Whitney Leigh Morris on Instagram and browse her whole curated collection over in the shop!

All photos via Whitney Leigh Morris.[Is Morris Less] .Cruz Hemp Basket | “Baskets are organizational essentials.Double Basket Side Table | “This double-basket side table can help you showcase the belongings you love, while also keeping your less stylish necessities out-of-site yet still easily accessible.” 11.Natural Hamsa Quilt Set by Justina Blakeney® | “We have this quilt in our cottage.It’s soft and cozy yet durable, and it’s super easy to wash.”

4.Mesh + Wood Lantern | “I’m such a fan of functional decor, such as baskets, plants, mirrors, wall hooks, and— best of all— lanterns.I love how this frames a reflection with natural materials of wood and rope.”

7.These hemp, handled buckets can keep toys, plants, accessories, office supplies, pet gear and endless other items beautifully contained while complementing varying decor styles and tastes.” 6.Face 1 Art Print by Justina Blakeney® | “Beyond simply being gorgeous, this work is also extremely versatile.Espejo Pillow by Justina Blakeney® | “Need more boho touches to your overly modern space? Or need more streamlined accents in your overly boho space? This pillow is like a magical bridge connecting diverse design styles.” 8.I’m a borderline minimalist, but when it comes to lanterns I say the more the merrier! Layer ‘em up!” 5.Wooden Mirror with Rope | “For spaces of any size (but particularly lil’ ones), mirrors are some of the easiest ways to add depth and light.

Eager to learn how to continually thrive in your environment, no matter how petite your home may be? Then creative powerhouse & longtime pal of Justina, Whitney Leigh Morris is your gal! She is well known (and widely admired) for her whimsical Tiny Canal Cottage tucked into the iconic Venice Canals, her stunning page-turner of a book,  and her sweet lil’ fam (her husband, kiddo and 2 rescue pups)!

We love the carefully curated mix of artisan-made goodies she collects in her home.Here’s a sneak peek – she’s shared her fave Jungalow pieces with us including a lil’ bit about what makes them feel like Tiny Canal Cottage vibes!

1. Skye Gold Rug | “I recently selected this piece for a client’s compact office, because its muted tones and wide-set pattern help visually maximize inches without sacrificing visual interest.Whether you gravitate towards neutral and monochromatic spaces (like I usually do), or bright and bold rooms (as Justina usually does), this piece will fit right in while standing out.” 9.It’s a footstool! It’s a seat for kids and adults! It’s an accent table! It’s a valet! It’s an awkward-space-filler! YES.”

10.[This Coming Back To Republic Sugar Melbourne Is February]
Source: https://www.jungalow.com/2019/03/less-is-morris.html

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