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Today, I bring to you an enjoyable Autumnal-Themed Post! 🍁 *cheers!* It’s a COLLAB with the Wonderful Chelsea Marie Abery! Head over to her Blog & YouTube Channel and check them out! She’s Awesome! 😍

Autumn is an aesthetically beautiful season! I especially like the colours of nature (who doesn’t?) – so different, so bold, so warm and welcoming! The relationship between the trees & the leaves show us how it’s essential to let things go, in order to start over & create more beauty in the future! Just wanted to share my thoughts! 🙈

Before I go on, I have som exciting news! I have officially entered the phase of Half Term Holidays! 😁 MEGA YAY! 🙌  It goes on until 4th Nov! I am actually going to be traveling somewhere special in the Middle East (won’t tell you where yet! #secret #surprise) for the 1st week (until the end of October), meaning that this is probably my last post for October! BUT…I have REALLY awesome posts planned for November (including a few which have to do with my traveling adventures), plus I’ll be active on my Instagram, so don’t worry! Andd that’s the end of my tiny exciting update – back to the post! 👇

Ok! So…To acknowledge the greatness of Autumn…This post is going to be all about 12 of My Random Favourites This Autumn! Hope you enjoy! ❤

Fresh, Sweet, Sugary Scents These Victoria Secret PINK Body Mists are simply AMAZING! The red-coloured bottle is called “Hot Crush and it consists if jasmine & warm caramel! As for the pink-coloured bottle, it’s named “Wild At Heart” and it includes red passion fruit & sheer musk!

Sweater Weather YESSSSS! It’s officially that time of the year where you can effortlessly look pretty, fashionable and comfortable by wearing warm cozy sweaters! They’re seriously my Must-Haves for Autumn/Winter, and I don’t know where I’d be w/o them! Can we just take a second to fangirl over this super-cool sweater I got from Bershka a few weeks ago! I mean, Disney AND Sweaters – what could be better?


Long Necklaces Time to pause the Choker-Mania for a bit and style your sweaters with cute, long & dangly necklaces for an ultimate fashionista look! These 2 are my Absolute Fav, and I got then from Accessorize (in case you’re wondering).


Jackets Another Must-Have for me starting Autumn, is (you guessed it) Jackets! I LOVE all types, all colours, all materials of jackets! Whether it’s a black leather jacket, a raincoat, a fur jacket, or a cardigan…there’s no doubt that I have it in my closet!


I  bought this Olive Badgy jacket, last August from Pull & Bear, and it looks SO good on me! Plus, there’s actual soft fur inside – so it makes feel so warm & comfy! Even better, it was on SALE! I’m saving money AND I’m being fashionably trendy! #goals

Rose Lipstick While the majority opt for Berry Red lipstick during Autumn…I’m the complete opposite! I feel that I already indulge the Elegantly Dark Autumnal colours with my clothes and handbags – so I choose to wear any shade of Pink Lipstick! 💄 That excludes the fact that Rosey Colours match my face so much better! These are 2 of my fav lipsticks from Maybelline! One is in the shade “Beige Babe” (983) which is less of a pink colour and more nudish, while the Colour Drama one is in the shade “Minamilist” (140) and is a perfect shade of pink! 


All Photos Taken By Moi, Except The Eye shadow & iPhone Case Pics! 

Don’t Forget To Head Over To Chelsea’s Blog And Read Her Random Autumn ’17 Favs, When She Publishes It! 🙆


Did you like the post? What are YOUR random autumn favs this year? (If you’re a student)…When do you have your Half-Term Holidays? Tell me EVERYTHING, in the comments below!😊

Bye For Now! Hope You Have An Awesome Day And Week! ❤

.The only downside, is that it doesn’t fit in my pocket! 🤦‍♀️


I’ve ALSO recently purchased this colourful Furball (from Accessorize) which is apparently a keychain with this gold-rose hook.[You Car Service Tax Carro8217s Lets Own S1199Mth Covers From A Insurance Road Subscription 8211]


Black Handbags We have Spring & Summer to embrace colourful exotic handbags! We also have Autumn & Winter to show off our dark elegant side! I bought this Black Backpack Full of Badges from Stradivarius and I looove how it goes with any sweater/outfit I choose to wear!


Superstar Sneakers Ok, so maybe these are one of my all-tike favourite shoes – but I’ve fell in love with them even more (can you fall in love with a shoe??) because of how perfect they are! Whoever said “Perfection Is Non-Existent” obviously didn’t see these sneakers! 👟 The colour of the strips fit perfectly with any jeans+sweater look…plus they’re comfortable & casual! Style + Comfort= GOALSSSS *wink wink*


Nude Sparkly Eyeshadow The Nude Makeup style has grown SO popular around the world! As a naturally pale person I don’t really make use of the trend much, but I just adore this Essence All About Nudes Eyeshadow palette.I attach it to all my handbags, and it makes them look fabulous! 🙌

Lip Balm My lips always seem to know when it’s Autumn.Stunning.Is.It’s a mixture of Rose-Gold, Silver and White – makeing it look unique, chic and classy! I usually team it up with all my outfits, and of course, it’s a definite fav for me this Autumn!

Victoria Secret Pouch This Mini Makeup Bag has the Autumn/Winter Sophisticated Look – I enjoy storing my makeup in it (and it was on sale too)! It’s quite different from my VS Neon Pink Mini-Makeup Bag which I use in the summer! Perfect Size? Check.Simply.The colours are warm and sparkly, making me look pretty in the process!

Guess Watch My parents bought me this Guess Watch last August as one of the gifts for my awesome achievements in IGCSE! It.

IMG_7787.JPG Fur, Fur, Fur!  Yes, this trend is currently driving everyone crazy! 😂 Now, almost every single fashion item has to include some fur in it, and tbh, why not? It’s Soft, It’s Stylish, It’s Satisfying! (Wait..did I coincidentally use alliteration here? 3S’s? Yup – I did.The second the weather gets a little colder…my lips start ti get cracked and chapped.See how cool I am?)


I got this CUTE Pink iPhone Case from Bershka! As you can see, it’s shaped like a kitten (with the ears and everything), and of course…it has a nice big furball at the back! 😻 It took me a while to get used to holding my phone, but I think I got the hang of it.Perfect Colours? Check.[Makeup My Bag March What8217s In]
Source: https://smilingdreamerblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/24/random-favs-autumn-2017/

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